About Study association “Hello World”

Information about the study association

Hello World?

Study association “Hello World” is the study association for all students of the HBO-ICT program of the HZ University of Applied Sciences.

A (short) history

SA “Hello World” is a young study association and only officialy exists since the 27th of june, 2016 founded by ‘Maaike Brouwer, Thijs Clowting, Carlo Geertse, Loek van der Line and Raymon de Looff’. In an unofficial form we have been organizing all kinds of activities for the education since march 2015. We started the study association because we want to create more cohesion between the years, organize fun activities for all students of HBO-ICT and contribute to the smooth running of your study by serving as a point of contact for the students.

Our vision

The vision of SA “Hello World” is to create a sense of unity among the students and to make the study as pleasant and fun as possible. We organize trips to IT companies and fairs, Lan parties, Hackathons, dinners, and so on. In addition we support the study in organizing promotional activities such as open days and orientation days.

What is the difference between a study and a student association?

A study association is an association for students of a specific study program, in our case HBO-ICT, and it is managed by students. We organize all kinds of activities related to the study. A student association is separate from the field of study and can vary in ‘purpose’ but is often associated with (pub) parties and the like, which we do not.