Activities in November 2020

Activities in November 2020 (all online)


“Balcony session” Drinks and Games – 4 november – 0 ITP

The balcony session of this semester is coming up! The ICT team will share with us what they are currently working on, and what the plans are for the rest of the year. We are hosting drinks & games for everyone afterwards. Come join us!

The balcony session starts at 16.00 – we’ll start once the session ends. Signing up is not needed.


Tweakers digital Meet-up Privacy & Security – 7 november- 5 ITP

Curious about the latest developments in privacy and security? Tweakers is organising a meet-up to tune in for keynotes and various master classes. Topics of the speakers include: finding cybercrime with public sources; stories behind the dark world of criminal hackers; identifying and alerting on data leaks; communicating effective security policy; emotional research in hacking; facial recognition on the streets; and privacy and security in health care.

The event starts at 13:00 and ends at 17:30.


Call for Code 2020: Students vs Climate Change – 9-15 november – at least 10  ITP

The challenge is to create a prototype to tackle climate change.  Does this sound like a challenge you want to take on? We are forming group(s) of 3-5 students to participate. IBM will provide you will the tools, guidance and workshops to build something great. The problem can be tackled in 3 areas: water sustainability, energy sustainability, and disaster resiliency. We’re including other studies as well, so that students from different fields can work together and build a creative solution. No technical background needed – you can win up to $1500!

Sign up closes November 4.


Movie Night – 10 november – 2  ITP

Let’s watch a movie together – and get points for ITP at the same time! We will start streaming a movie at 20.00.


Teddy Talks – 25 November – 0 ITP

HZ University and University College Roosevelt are organizing an event together, called “Teddy Talks”.
Speakers from both universities will cover topics that are inspiring and thought-provoking. We are very excited to hear the stories of students at HZ and UCR!

UCR will host the event on Zoom, more details will come soon.