Secret Santa

Get ready for Secret Santa! Spreading joy through the spirit of giving and receiving happiness. 

Not everyone will be able to spend the holidays with their loved ones, especially with the covid conditions in the Netherlands. Let’s bring our ICT community together instead, to shine a little light during this period.

What is Secret Santa?

Secret Santa is an online exchange (inspired from a similar event on RedditGifts), where we can all surprise each other with thoughtful gifts. Every participant will fill out a form, answering some of their questions that will help a Santa to decide on a gift. You will be matched with a Santa and a giftee. Your Santa (a secret to you!) will send you a gift based on your profile and answers, and your giftee will be the person that’s receiving the gift you send them.

How can I participate?

This exchange is open and free to everyone from the ICT study: students, teachers, and alumni. You don’t have to be a paid member of the study association. In order to participate, you need to sign up for the event. After you signed up, we’ll send you a questions form so that your Santa can get to know you. You’ll have until December 7th to fill that out.

Sign up

How do I come up with a gift for the person I matched with?

Everyone will have filled out a form with questions that will help you to decide on the gift (likes, dislikes, hobbies, etc.). Remember that the value of a gift is not important, as long the gift is meaningful and a good fit. If you need to ask additional questions to the giftee, we (SA Hello World) will act as the middleman, so that Santa stays Secret. 

How much should I spend?

Like we said, value does not determine a nice gift. However, our recommendation is to spend €15 on the gift itself. It’s not a requirement and you can go lower or higher, but please be thoughtful of what you get your giftee. 

Are you not able to spend money (besides potential shipping), but still want to participate? You can opt in for that in the form, and we’ll make sure that you get matched with others that can’t or prefer not to spend the recommended amount. Get creative with homemade gifts (make your own art or make that sock you’ve always wanted to knit), or find a way to give your unused items a new purpose!

When am I receiving or sending my gift?

Sign up closes December 7th, and matching will be done in the days following. Once you’re matched you can start brainstorming about what gift you should get. After that it’s up to you to decide when to send your gift, whether that’s way before Christmas or a few days before. Please keep in mind that shipping can take more time during the holidays.

What happens after the gift exchange?

You can reveal yourself as a Santa to your giftee, but it’s not necessary. We would love to see what you got and what you think about your gift. Feel free to post about what you received in Teams or Discord! We love to see it.